HOLE 1    Par 4/HDCP3

HDCP Black Blue White Red
3 466 433 380 325

Course Guide

A stiff opening hole that climbs gently uphill from the tee and has a pronounced dog-leg to the right. A good drive left of center should open up the green, though the shorter hitters may be blocked out by the tree that marks the corner of the dog-leg. Another sold hit is required to reach the green which is deceptively narrow at the entrance and bunkered on the left. A good hole to par.

photo hole1

HOLE 2    Par 4/HDCP9

HDCP Black Blue White Red
9 370 339 324 242

Course Guide

A generous fairway with no bunkering should allow you to hit with confidence. The hole has a gentle dog-leg to the right and as the large green sits up above the fairway and deep bunkering guards the right side, more club than the yardage indicates needs to be used in the approach. The green slopes quite severely from back to front.

photo hole2

HOLE 3    Par 5/HDCP15

HDCP Black Blue White Red
15 577 535 517 443

Course Guide

Driving from an elevated tee, there is temptation to try to hit too hard. Deep bunkering in what appears to be the middle of the fairway between about 250 and 275 yards should ensure accuracy is also considered. As the hole meanders around to the left with trouble all the way down the left side, an accurate lay-up shot is needed. Another large green provides wonderful deception for the approach shot which must avoid the deep bunker carved into the right side.

photo hole3

HOLE 4    Par 4/HDCP13

HDCP Black Blue White Red
13 352 330 315 298

Course Guide

Short it may be in terms of yards, but an accurate drive up the left side is required to offer a view of the green for the approach shot. Though not fatal to go right off the tee (provided you clear the pond), it will leave a difficult blind second shot from a deep valley. A deceptively shallow green that is easy to over-hit.

photo hole4

HOLE 5    Par 3/HDCP7

HDCP Black Blue White Red
7 228 199 177 133

Course Guide

First of the four par-3 holes, and the hardest. Elevated tee provides an attractive and tempting target. A kidney shaped green is well bunkered and any poorly struck tee shot moving at all to the right will find a watery grave. Good green to hit, and even then it will need to be on the right side of the hole as two tiers make holing out challenging.

photo hole5

HOLE 6    Par 4/HDCP1

HDCP Black Blue White Red
1 434 412 389 339

Course Guide

A straight away par 4 hole that moves gently uphill and so requires two long hits to reach the green. Whatever distance it looks for the second shot, take an extra club because the trouble is short and left, no impediments long and/or to the right side of the green. A rare relatively flat green.

photo hole6

HOLE 7    Par 4/HDCP17

HDCP Black Blue White Red
17 314 307 287 250

Course Guide

An excellent short par 4 hole that demands strategy, not power, to play well. From the tee, the sensible play is a fairway metal or long iron to lay up short of the wide ditch that protects the green. The fairway gathers into a small valley from where a precise pitch is needed to hold the green that is well bunkered. Relatively small but severely undulating green, there are few easy putts.

photo hole7

HOLE 8    Par 3/HDCP11

HDCP Black Blue White Red
11 163 145 132 108

Course Guide

Visually attractive short hole played from a slightly elevated tee with a mid-iron to a large well bunkered green. Backdrop of hills and trees. A difficult hole to club properly and avoid leaving a long first putt.

photo hole8

HOLE 9    Par 5/HDCP5

HDCP Black Blue White Red
5 561 528 505 456

Course Guide

A straight away long hole to finish the front nine that runs directly on level ground towards the stunning clubhouse. The tee shot needs to be straight to avoid bunkering both right and left. Only the longest hitters will attempt to go for the green in two because the approach to the large two level green is narrow, water eating into the front left side of the green and a large bunker on the right side. The smart play is to lay up with a four or five iron, or perhaps a high fairway metal and leave a full pitch. The long distance from the front of the green to the back makes it important to hit into the correct portion of the green; otherwise there can be a very long putt awaiting.

photo hole9