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Accommodation Package

Affordable accommodation Package(※Not applicable during special business period)
Smoking and Non-Smoking Rooms available at your choice.
Please make sure to specified kind of rooms you wish to stay when you make a booking.


Windsor Park Hotel Special Packages

 The popular accommodation package during weekdays also available during weekends 
and National holidays , please call for detailed pricing information. Updated January 2023

Special Package
Detailed information
1Stay+1Round with
(3 meals)
15,000yen~ 1stay + 1Round + breakfast + lunch + Dinner
1Stay+2 Round with
(4 meals)
21,400yen~ 1Stay + 2Rounds + breakfast + 2lunches + Dinner

Accommodation Package Rates varies each month and day and subject to change without prior notice.
For more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact directly to the Club.


Accommodation Pack Dinner

※ Image photo * Dinner content can be change depending on the season without prior notice. * Grade UP Menu also available!
* Dinner Grade UP Menu
Plus 2,100 yen (Western Course)
※Main dish selection:
Fillet or sirloin Steak or Seafoods
■Steak Set plus 1500yen
■Pork Shabu Set plus 1500yen

We are waiting your reservation,
please contact us by phone or e-mail stated below:
  ◆TEL: 0296-88-2221    ◆E-mail:

Please refrain from bringing own foods and beverages at the hotel , for health safety purposes. Your kind understanding is highly appreciated.

Hotel charge


  single rooms
11 rooms
twin rooms
6 rooms
2 guests
Superior rooms
2 rooms
2 guests
Regular Hotel Room Rate
8,000Yen 16,000Yen/room 23,000Yen/room

※Accommodation Rates including Breakfast
※Twin room single use +4,500yen
※Superior room single use: +7,500yen
※Extra bed at Regular Rooms : 4,650yen/bed with breakfast Service.
※Extra bed at Superior Room:6,800yen/bed with breakfast Service.
※Room Charge 8,000yen ,cancellation charge policy 《Hotel booking 3days before:25%, 1day before:50%, no-show: 100%》


facilities Fee Contents
Kid´s Room Pricing can be check at the reception. At Windsor Park we understand that parents who want to play golf have a difficult time juggling children and of course their piece of mind. A dedicated purpose built children's room will most definitely allow parents to escape for a few hours. Babysitting services are also available at an extra charge. Please make a booking with our staff when you arrange your visit to Windsor Park Golf and Country Club.
(Advance reservation required)
Pet Cage Room FREE We provide pet's cages as free of charge under the customer's responsibilities.
(Advance reservation required)
Golfers’ Pub
Karaoke room

/2 hours
Karaoke room can accommodate 2 to 6 people and Golfers’ Pub with on-line Karaoke system can accommodate 25 people.
(Advance reservation required)
Business hour: 17:00~23:00
Mahjong Room (Automatic) 6,000yen
(Advance reservation required)
There are 3 tables available: One room for 2table and a room for 1table
Business hour:17:00~ 23:00
Cambridge Room
Oxford Salon
Pricing can be check at the reception.
(Advance reservation required)
Can accommodate 4 to 10 people for the sit-down meal (maximum 30 people for the stand-up meal)