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Windsor Park may have all the attributes of the most distinguished private club, but we have no members and therefore can operate an open access policy. Reservations by individuals and groups can be made for midweek and weekend play. An important feature of the service we provide at Windsor Park is our willingness to customize any visit to your specific requirements. Groups of any size are welcome, and for groups of 120 or more, we will close the club and guarantee your exclusive use. Moreover, for smaller groups, upon payment of the relevant fee, whether mid-week or on weekends, we are also prepared to provide exclusive use.

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WINDSOR PARK GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB (hereinafter referred to as "we" or "the Company") places the utmost importance on the trust and satisfaction of our customers and considers the protection of personal information entrusted by our customers to be a significant responsibility. We recognize the importance of handling personal information appropriately and strive to protect it. We also aim to maintain this commitment while continuously seeking improvements.

Collection of Personal Information

When collecting personal information, we ensure clarity in the purpose and use legal and fair means within the scope of our business activities.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

The use and disclosure of personal information by our company are subject to strict management, and we exercise meticulous care. We limit the use of collected personal information to the following purposes, except when consent is obtained from the individuals concerned, and we do not use it for any other purposes or provide it to third parties.

  • Purposes of Use
  • To provide various services such as golf play, parties, accommodation, and restaurant usage
  • For business activities related to the above services and for service information
  • To provide various information at our company
  • To use as a reference for improving service content, quality, etc., at our company
  • To provide services to members of the member organization operated by our company
  • For other purposes clearly indicated separately and within the scope of use with the consent of the individual (Person in Charge of Personal Information Management) The person in charge of personal information management at our company (Items of Personal Information) Name, telephone number, email address, address, gender, date of birth, other memorable dates, company name
Management of Personal Information

To ensure the accuracy and security of personal information, we take reasonable security measures and preventive measures in both technical and organizational aspects. We make efforts to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, as well as prevent the loss, destruction, alteration, leakage, and other mishandlings of personal information.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We comply with laws and regulations related to personal information and other standards.。

Inquiries About Personal Information

Regarding requests for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc., of personal information we hold, as well as inquiries, complaints, and other matters, we respond at the following contact:

Inquiry Number: 0296-88-2221

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