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Club Information

Windsor Park Golf and Country Club
3473 Shiogo , Shirosato-machi , Higashi-ibaraki-gun , Ibaraki 311-4401  Tel: 0296-88-2221  Fax: 0296-88-2561
Kentaro Sato
Hill course 18 Hole  Par 72  7,007 Yard  bent 1 green
OUT Course(3439Y) / 9 Hole Par 36
IN Course(3568Y)     / 9 Hole Par 36
Course rate : 72.3(OUT・IN・bent)
Gross area
1,020,000 Square meter
ClubHouse / Restaurant
Pet cage Room
Staying up to 27 people is possible.
Single Room : 11
Twin-bedded Room : 6
Superior Room : 2
Warm Up Facility
Driving range : 9 Seat(250Y ~ )  350 Yen /  basket(25 balls)
●Short Game
●Putting Green
Play style
Self Play or with Caddy
Golf Shoes
Soft spikes and Spikeless golf shoes
※The metal spike is improper.
Equipment for Rent
Golf Shoes and Golf Clubs
Credit Card

Manner Information

General rules of our golf course to enjoy the games

Dress Code:

  • Shirts:
    Golf shirts must have collars, and either long or short sleeves are allowed. Wearing jeans, collarless shirts (including any variety of T-shirts), and sleeveless shirts is not allowed.
  • Long Trousers & Shorts:
    Trousers and shorts must be tailored and suitable for golf. Tailored Bermuda shorts are allowed and can be worn with knee-length or shorter white or colored socks.
  • Shoes:
    Shoes designed for playing golf, including soft spike or spikeless golf shoes, are permitted. However,sandals of any type are not allowed.

Pace of Play:

Please be informed that a round of golf, playing 9 holes at Windsor Park Golf and Country Club, is expected to take 2 hours and 10 minutes or less. Groups unable to maintain this pace may be asked to speed up or allow the trailing group to play through. Please allocate around 5 minutes for searching balls and keep 2 or 3 clubs as needed.

Please be ready to start 5 minutes before tee-off and ensure that you do not disturb others. Please also be punctual when using an electric cart without caddies. Play smoothly, keeping your ball on target, and bring two or three clubs with you when playing without caddies. Please follow our Marshall's instructions.

To avoid the Danger:

Please wear caps, and put the sun-screen cream on your skins. Please swing the club at the designated areas in a safe Please refrain from getting of moving carts and jumping on moving carts. If your ball goes wrong direction, please tell “Fore.” Please make sure the distance of your ball, and keep not to aim your ball to forward groups.

Course Care and Safety:

Part of your responsibility when golfing is to take care of the course you are playing. Be aware of the whereabouts of other golfers before you swing. If you use a golf cart, observe the posted cart rules and keep the cart on the paths at all times as carts can damage grass. You may not test the surface of the green by rolling a ball or scraping the surface. Repair your pitch marks on the green and divots in the fairway. To smooth out the sand after landing in a bunker, use the rake to smooth out your footprints.

Other rules:

Please check in at least 30 minutes before your tee time, smoke only in designated areas, dispose of cigarette ends in the provided ashtrays, refrain from using your mobile phone during play, speak quietly to consider other players, and understand that we do not admit violent groups or individuals associated with such groups. Additionally, we do not admit individuals with tattoos to use the public bath to avoid causing discomfort to others.


WINDSOR PARK GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB (hereinafter referred to as "we" or "the Company") places the utmost importance on the trust and satisfaction of our customers and considers the protection of personal information entrusted by our customers to be a significant responsibility. We recognize the importance of handling personal information appropriately and strive to protect it. We also aim to maintain this commitment while continuously seeking improvements.

Collection of Personal Information

When collecting personal information, we ensure clarity in the purpose and use legal and fair means within the scope of our business activities.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

The use and disclosure of personal information by our company are subject to strict management, and we exercise meticulous care. We limit the use of collected personal information to the following purposes, except when consent is obtained from the individuals concerned, and we do not use it for any other purposes or provide it to third parties.

  • Purposes of Use
  • To provide various services such as golf play, parties, accommodation, and restaurant usage
  • For business activities related to the above services and for service information
  • To provide various information at our company
  • To use as a reference for improving service content, quality, etc., at our company
  • To provide services to members of the member organization operated by our company
  • For other purposes clearly indicated separately and within the scope of use with the consent of the individual
    (Person in Charge of Personal Information Management) The person in charge of personal information management at our company
    (Items of Personal Information) Name, telephone number, email address, address, gender, date of birth, other memorable dates, company name

Management of Personal Information

To ensure the accuracy and security of personal information, we take reasonable security measures and preventive measures in both technical and organizational aspects. We make efforts to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, as well as prevent the loss, destruction, alteration, leakage, and other mishandlings of personal information.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We comply with laws and regulations related to personal information and other standards.

Inquiries About Personal Information

Regarding requests for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc., of personal information we hold, as well as inquiries, complaints, and other matters, we respond at the following contact:

Inquiry Number: 0296-88-2221

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